Job Roles of a Furniture Designer

Furniture designers are masters of their craft. They can create beautiful yet functional pieces from their choice of materials. To become a successful furniture designer, one must not just have the knowledge for creativity. Awareness to business marketing, finance and manufacturing are essential areas that he should also learn.

The typical working activities of a furniture designer may vary depending on whether he is a self-employed designer or is working with colleagues or a team. The roles include making an effort to always be up to date with the current trends of furniture styles or designs. A furniture designer must also have the skill to refurbish used furniture such as second hand office furniture and make them more dramatic and pleasing to the eyes again. He should also have the knowledge about different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, textiles and plastics. Choosing the right material for a piece of furniture is essential in creating the design and improving its functionality.

A modern furniture designer also knows how to utilize technically advanced software such as AutoCAD and Photoshop to generate and visualize designs. To further develop their skills, they must also be able to penetrate related fields such as theatre set designing or office interior designing. Such related areas will help them to market their skills to various types of clients.

Resourcefulness is a very essential quality of a good furniture designer. Being able to turn an old furniture into an attractive fixture once again is a talent that most furniture designer possess. Second hand office furniture that have faded through time can be easily restored with the right designs and materials. Resourceful and highly killed furniture designers can definitely create useful and artistic pieces to equip homes and businesses.

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